Winter 2017

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Ancient Ash Woodlands Course

Two day ancient woodland introductory course run by the Kent Woodland Employment Scheme

This two day introductory course is offered by Kent Woodland Employment Scheme to introduce and demonstrate the skills needed for managing ancient woodland. During the course a large amount of the practical demonstration will be carried out in ancient woodlands. This unique habitat is of vital importance to a vast range of animals, flora and fauna. It is the UK’s equivalent of the rain forest and just as important in value if not in scale. Once lost it can never be replaced.

Kent Woodland Employment Scheme aims to rescue ancient woodland in the UK from the current crisis where it has little or no statutory protection and is under real threat, as much of it is poorly maintained or being destroyed to make way for urban development.

The course will include two separate days according to the seasonal work of the woodlands.

Day One (Winter) will include:

An Introduction to Woodland Management, including a tour of an ancient woodland, introduction to the biodiversity of ancient woodlands and sustainable woodland management. This will be followed by a  tour of a coppiced wood, describing how to manage a woodland through coppicing, in a way that will support biodiversity. This will also include demonstrations of safe felling practices, pollarding, managing sick trees and safely moving trees from woodlands.

Day Two (Spring) will include:

An introduction to the processing yard, a demonstration of tools used for stripping, cleaving and splitting wood for commercial use. Demonstration of a charcoal kiln and large truck through and through cutting techniques. Following this we will show a series of small objects that can be made from Ash, including pole lathe bowl making, tool handles in Ash, hockey sticks, demonstrations of greenwood working, cart wheel making.


Dates will be announced closer to the workshop, so register your interest by email