The Ash Archive is an exhibition that was presented five times as part of The Ash Project, in Canterbury, Margate, Chatham, Folkestone and Sevenoaks. The exhibition examined the human relationship with the ash tree and woodlands. Reflecting on the uncertain future of the ash tree, the exhibition brings together works by artists, designers and local makers which explore our dynamic and complex relationship with the life and death of the natural world.

The Ash Archive is a collaboration between the University of Kent and The Ash Project. The Ash Project is an urgent cultural response to this devastating loss of one of our most important species of tree.

Exhibited Artists and Authors

The Ash Archive includes works by Ackroyd & Harvey, Colin Booth, Hannah Brown, Adam Chodzko, Sebastian Cox, French & Mottershead, Magz Hall, Max Lamb, David Nash, Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton and Sheaf + Barley. We worked with artists on a series of commissions and were lucky to be offered the work of artists such as David Nash and Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton and based our archive of objects on a collection made from ash wood Rob Penn’s incredible book “The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees.”

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Participating in the Archive

The archive was open to contributions from the community of artists and makers in each location. We had some incredible works made and contributed to the archive. Here are some of the things that were offered to the archive over the course of the exhibition, which are now catalogued online as part of the online ash archive.

  • Tree Painting – Jane Sandoe
  • Ash Key installation – Venetia Neville
  • Spoon – Poulton Wood
  • Spurtle – Poulton Wood
  • Ash Handle – Poulton Wood
  • Xylophone – Poulton Wood
  • Ash lamp stand – Fosberry Studio
  • KRAR (bowl-shaped lyre from Eritrea and Ethiopia) – Kent Refugee Action Network made by Clare Dugue
  • Boat Chisel – Ian McBride
  • Ash on Ice (A piece of ash buried in resin) – Scott Bloomfield
  • Leaves of Yydrassil (Book) – Mark
  • Ash Charcoal Images – Historic England
  • Ash Poem – Anonymous
  • Steves House – Image and writing
  • Frisson – Cydney Adams
  • Ash and Hawthorne – Sarah (limbo)
  • Ash Charcoal – KWES

View artworks and contributions in the online ash archive