Crundale ash tree: marked on the OS map

It was a clear Saturday morning when we set off on foot from Sidelands Farm in search of the Crundale ash tree. The walk took us into the heart of the Kent Downs through fields, into woodland, across flint paths and past partridge farms. We recorded as we went capturing phgotographs not only of ash trees but the reference points that we found along the way.

When we came to the Crundale ash tree, which is marked “Ash” on the Ordinance Survey map, one of our fellow walkers showed us an older map on which an ash pollard was marked. The pollard is no longer there but just next to it is a giant ash tree which sits on the edge of the boundary of marriage farm and marks the point at which a number of walking paths converge.

Below are a selection of photographs that form an archive of the walk.

Photos taken by James Collie

Photos taken by Richard and Pauline Davis

Photos taken by Diane Comely

Photos taken by Will Glanfield

Online Ash Archive