Saturday 10 March 2018, 10am-4pm


Free, public event
Booking recommended


Meet at 10am at the small carpark at Stone Farm on Ashford Road, Hythe,CT21 4EL

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Tree Planting: Thorn Wood

Come and help us plant trees to replace diseased ash trees in a woodland in Kent. With trees selected by a local ecologist to protect the biodiversity of this ancient wood.

We would like your help to replant this wonderful wood, we have had over 500 trees donated by the Woodland Trust and this will allow us to make sure that the replacement species are suitable and will retain the biodiversity of this woodland.

In November 2017 we removed two trees from Thorn Wood in Stone Farm that were infected with ash dieback (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus) Over the next four months we plan to turn these trees into striking public artworks, created by Ackroyd & Harvey that tell the story of ash dieback as it is affecting landscapes in Kent.

Thorn Wood is owned by Matthew Whitehead whose family have lived and worked in the woodlands in Kent for many generations. These woods have been effected by ash dieback for many years.  Ash trees were first showing signs of dieback here in 2012. The woodlands here are coppiced in a cycle, however there is a need to replace a number of the ash trees that will be lost due to dieback.

This event is supported by Martin Whybrow through the Kent County Council Combined Member Grant scheme.

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This tree planting event is delivered in partnership with the Woodland Trust and the White Cliffs Countryside Partnership.

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