Ash Dome by David Nash

David Nash’s famous Ash Dome was planted as saplings in 1977 and is now a mature dome centered on a plot of woodland in North Wales in Nash’s ‘laboratory’ for thinking and growing works. Since it was planted in the 70’s the artist has made a number of drawings of the dome. This selection of drawings and prints offer an insight into an artist’s practice whose work has had an intimate relationship with the life and death of the ash tree. When the artwork was planted it was conceived as an artwork for the future. David Nash believed that the Ash Dome would survive him, he is now resigned to the inevitability of its fate as the trees that form the dome are infected with Chalara (ash dieback).

Ash Dome, (2000 – 2012)
David Nash
Charcoal, pastel, chalk and natural materials on paper
Dimensions variable
Courtesy of the artist, collection Capel Rhiw

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