Washford Pyne, 13 by Hannah Brown

Hannah Browns work was recently selected for the Whitechapel Gallery’s London Open and it is there that we saw her work, fell in love with its intimacy and detail and invited her to contribute to The Ash Archive. Hannah Brown is one of a growing group of artists who are interested in expanding our contemporary understandings of rural spaces .She is a painter that is drawn to scraps of land, spaces that have become overgrown and overlooked

Washford Pyne, 13 was painted in a small hamlet in rural Devon, it is part of a series of works that are located there.  The ash in the centre of the canvas is muted by the twilight that seems to seep into the leaves of the tree. The painting creates a strong recollection of this time between day and night, when the light is fading.

Hannah Brown

Washford Pyne, 13


oil on linen

Courtesy of the artist



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