The Ash Archive

Have you written an ash story or poem, do you have an old photo album containing photos of ash trees from your garden as a child, do you have a collection of fine ash objects or hand made ash bowls? If so we would like to invite you to make a temporary loan to our collection to help us build ‘The Ash Archive’.

‘The Ash Archive’ examines the human relationship with the ash tree and woodlands. Reflecting on the uncertain future of the ash tree, the exhibition brings together works by artists, designers and local makers which explore our dynamic and complex relationship with the life and death of the natural world. ‘The Ash Archive’ will grow over the course of the exhibition and we are inviting the public to make contributions of ash objects to the archive. We want to collect memories, images and objects that will record the beauty of ash in the landscape and in our lives before it is too late.

Please get in touch or visit the exhibition to make a temporary loan to ‘The Ash Archive’.